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Energize your e-shop! Let Social Active energize your e-business!

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We listen to you (again!) and we see what kind of e-shop you need, what your marketing strategy is and what kind of market you are serving. We take all these into consideration and we design for you an e-shop that does only one thing: it sells! Quick, easy to navigate and efficient with CMS that people that have never touched computer can operate!
user friendly cms

User Friendly CMS

We create your e-shop in a way that you can operate it from wherever you are in a way that even your newest employees can comprehend. Check your orders, add new products, modify the ones that you already have. We make your e-shop tick, you make it alive!
we are working 24-7

We are there for you!

We offer you free support 24/7. Contact us and we will offer our after sales support. We will boost your online sales with a suitable online marketing strategy. We will aggregate clicks for your site, we will set up Google adWords for your e-shop. We will show you how to pay Google for every successful sale ONLY.

We put the 'e' in your e-shop!

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56 e-shops launched

56 unique e-shop designs

54.647 products sold

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