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CRM – ERP Integration

We connect your ERP with your CRM, giving you an off/online relationship


Why integrate your CRM?

We understand that you already have a customer relationship management system in your company. We also know that you love your brand new website (Two years old is too old! Do something!). By integrating the two you have everything to gain: better management of your clients, sales boost. Better marketing implementation, automatic update of your customer’s files and a lot more
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Connecting ERP and CRM

We bring the information from your site and social media into your CRM software. We bridge the two using cost effective software or dedicated custom made software, depending on the project and on your budget. We connect your ERP, no matter who build it, with your CRM giving you an offline / online relationship between your inventory, your product and your e-shop. Because… you guessed it! We listen to you and your needs!
targeting success

Targeting Success!

Integrated CRM can bring you the success that you wanted but you were so far unable to achieve. With Integrated CRM you can monitor your company more effectively, you can foresee customer trends before they happen, you can ask your audience to view new information and see how they react on it. Simply put you get all the benefits of your customers online engagement straight into your strategy’s arsenal.

Integrated CRM/ERP – now

More profit – forever and ever!

We IntERPret your needs!

Build your customer relationships as hard as rock!