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Facebook Apps

So you dig Facebook? So are your clients! We can create for you Facebook applications that can be integrated to the whole FB experience. What that means? More likes! Mope fans! More web traffic towards you! More people talking about you! And more fun in general! Give us the brief we can make it happen!


We can create widgets for you that will maximize the functionality of your website. Lead generation, market research and anything that you need, we can pull it off! Think your website as a simple car and think of us like the lawless car mechanics that pump it up into a road warrior! Yeah! Widget on!
our custom applications

Customized Applications

Maybe you need code written especially for you. Or maybe your application is something that nobody has ever seen or dream before. We got your back! Again! Talk to us, give us your vision and let us give the kiss of life to your application. Experienced designers with the latest technology hardware will create your customized application under the supervision of our art directors.

Apps that go viral!

Anyone can make an app! We make them count!

Latest Projects

  • Apps that People Love!

    Multi-platform Applications Even board games if you like!
  • Ideas for you!

    Customized apps designed for you
  • BtoB and BtoC

    No project too small or too big!

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We don’t modify apps, we create them!