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Facebook Advertising

In-depth Demographic Targeting


Why FB?

Think how many of your customers have a Facebook page. Now think of everybody else who has a Facebook page! One billion people! At least! The world is at your reach and even better, the exact demographic that you want is at your reach. By advertizing in Facebook you multiply your media exposure in ways never before imagined!
Key Strategy

Key Strategy

Simply putting an ad on Facebook is something that even your secretary can do. We know what kind of content to create, when to post it and what demographics to target. We know how to create word of mouth that will bring you potential customers. Because it is customers we are after, not simple likes.

We’re here for you!

We do not just create your ad, launch it and then say goodbye! We love to keep the communication channels up and running! We will examine real time analytics, we will simplify and consolidate its content for you, we will offer you ways to measure conversion, we will show you how “Offers” and “Reach Generator” works. In a sentence: we are your social media agency and we will love to help you out! Join us!

Turn unreadable data into sales!

Fine tune your campaigns!


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