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video production

Video Production

Google loves videos. One more time! GOOGLE LOVES VIDEOS! By having videos in your website you help your SEO to bring you site even higher on Google’s preferences. In addition to this your videos are an investment since you can use them not only on your website but also on corporate presentation, events etc.

Videos that look like blockbusters!

All your audio-visual needs find the correct solution through Social Active. We can write, produce and direct your clip in a way that is inspiring, trustworthy, exciting and so good that it will go viral! We can even create, maintain and manage your Youtube and Vimeo channel. Let us show what we can do!
visual libraries

Visual Libraries

Social Active can provide you with photo and video galleries that are easy to incorporate into your site. You can choose from literally of thousands of photos and videos and find exactly what you are looking for. We then can use our design genius to incorporate these to your website.

Google adores videos! So should you!

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