Da Vinci would love us!He would also copy us! ;)


Let us make your Logo recognisable!

Impress Customers!

Do you need great designs for your projects? Do you need a logo that will stand out? We are here! Employ us and let us put our imagination at work! Our art directors can take a small verbal brief and translate it into a work of art! Don’t you believe us! Check out our portfolio and give your company the Social Active twist!

Design for you!

Stunning designs created especially for you and your professional needs. We spent time on understanding your company, your goals and your products. We will consult you which approach is the best for you and then you will choose from a palette of options that we have created especially for you!

Affordable Picassos!

We can create magical designs and dram compositions but we will not charge you the stars for this! We will show you designs that will please your heart and your budget! We always have in our minds when we create something the time frame and your budget so when it comes to show time your smile will stay on its place, even after hearing the price!

There are no bad logos! Only bad artists!

Let your brochure look like a magazine!

We mix color, shades and shapes into pure beauty!

Corporate identity that competition would envy!

Latests Designs

  • Cosmetic V surgeon

    Full Corporate Identity, for Doctor Alex Bader, top class, cosmetic vaginal surgeon, situated in Athens, London & Dubai.
  • Eco-print

    Full Corporate Identity, for online store, selling economic printing services. e-Commerce is also made by Social Active, in Magento!
Get people jealous of your artwork!